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Welcome! Navas Wireless Wiki is a practical, comprehensive, and objective resource for wireless communications, particularly wireless access to the Internet, and related wireless technologies (e.g., cellular). Founded by John Navas and Jeff Liebermann.

Contributions and corrections are encouraged and appreciated, but please first visit our Community Portal for Important Policies on Content, Style, What we are, What we aren't, and other answers to your questions.


Important Policies


  • Helpful technical advice suitable for persons with minimal technical skills.


General Style

  • Crisp and professional.
  • Easy to read and follow.
  • Minimal technical jargon.

Section Headers

  • Please keep new section headings short and to the point; otherwise they make for unwieldy URLs; e.g.,
instead of
  • No links in section headers please.

What we are

  • Objective and unbiased.
  • Original -- no copyrighted material.
  • Polite and respectful.

What we aren't

  • A medium for advertising or promotion -- no ads, "infomercials" or announcements.
  • Biased -- no advocacy.
  • Discourteous -- no flames or personal attacks.



Please use Discussion Groups alt.internet.wireless and for any and all discussions.

If you're thinking of making a contribution or change that might be at all controversial, it's a good idea to discuss it there first.

Talk pages

To create a new section on a Talk page with a place to enter the Subject, click on the [+] tab at the top of the page.

To sign your post, click the signature button in the row of buttons just over the edit control, 2nd button from the right.


Navas Wireless Wiki Sysops

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