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Usenet newsgroup is an open discussion forum on marine electronics, a good place to ask questions.


Charter Charter

Newsgroups line: Electronics, hardware, software on boats.


In the beginning, was alone. Boaters of all propulsions discussed everything about boats there, and when they weren't discussing boats they were discussing splitting Over time, has successfully spawned many sub-groups (r.b.cruising,, r.b.building, etc.), and this proposal continues in that "split by function" tradition.

Electronic systems play a role in many areas of boating: racing/cruising, sail/power, etc. Discussions of similar electronics topics are currently active in different* groups. The issues and answers about boating electronics are often independent of the final application. For example, a sport fisher may be interested in interfacing GPS and charting systems to record the best spot, a sailing cruiser may need better ways to manage an autopilot, a racer may want to capture instrument data for tactical analysis: very different boating applications, but very similar electronics problems.


The newsgroup is chartered for discussion of all aspects of marine electronics.

The newsgroup is open to discussion of all marine and boating-related electronic systems. This includes their use, care and feeding, troubleshooting and repairs, etc. These systems include GPS/Loran, radar/sonar, radio, navigation and performance instruments, interfacing standards (NMEA, etc.), electronic charting, software, computers, simulators, power supplies, etc.

The group is not intended for discussion of electro-mechanical systems such as pumps, heads, lights, water heaters, etc.

"For Sale" and "Wanted To Buy" postings are not appropriate in this group ( exists for that purpose), but new product announcements and discussions are appropriate.

The general "nettiquete" FAQs posted in news.announce.newusers and news.answers all apply to


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